21nd year: 1998 no 3 (abstracts and a selection of the articles in English )

Editorial, by Carlo Vetere, Editor-in Chief


[Abstract] Estimate of drug addicts in Bologna in 1997 and an analysis of the dark number by Raimondo Maria Pavarin, Adriano Salsi, Valentina Savioli

"Dance" Research: a survey on the consumption of ecstasy in the trendiest disco clubs in the Florence area during 1996, by Mario Santi, Stefano Bertoletti, Duilio Borselli, Susanna Giaccherini, Eloisa Mingione

[Abstract] The Sale of syringes to drug addicts by chemists in Bologna. An evaluation of three surveys conducted in the period 1995-1997 by Sergio Sabbatani, Ettore Di Crescenzo

The Incidence and Development of HIV Infection in a Cohort of Heroin Addicts Followed up by the Unita’ di Tossicologia (Toxicological Unit) of Florence between January 1991 and December 1996, by Marco Moncini, Massimo Giraldi, Pier Francesco Mannaioni, Emanuela Masini

Mortality due to acute intoxication: a survey of the case study of the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the "Universita’ Cattolica" relative to the 1993-96 period, by Nadia De Giovanni, Nadia Fucci, Marcello Chiarotti

An empirical study to show the utility of measuring the "retention" capacity of a service, by Stefano Cifiello 

[Abstract] Drug Dependence and rehabilitation programmes: the experience of the Public Drug Dependence Unit in Arezzo (Italy) by Paolo E. Dimauro, Roberto Menozzi


I.     Bibliographical update on Drug Addiction
II-a. Recent development on cocaine
II-b. Recent development on amphetamines, buprenorphine, therapeutic communities
III.   Drugs, Violence and Crime
IV.  Recent Trends in HIV Infection among Injecting Drug Users
V.   Is HIV-infection prevention making progress among Injecting Drug Users?