21nd year: 1998 no 4 (abstracts and a selection of the articles in English )

Foreword by the Italian Minister for Health

Presentation by the UNICRI Officer in Charge

Editorial by Carlo Vetere, Editor-in-Chief


Ministerial decree n.14 of 15 JANUARY 1988 (Published on the Official Gazette of 26 January 1988 n.20) Provisions aimed at eliminating the risk of HIV infections and at implementing provisions made under Art. 5, Para.7 of Decree Law n.433 of 30 October amended and converted into Law n.531 of 29 December 1987 setting forth emergency health care measures

Guidelines of behaviour for health care workers aimed at reducing HIV infections, 6th September, 1989 (Not published in the Official Gazzette)

Resolution of the health ministers of the European community member states sitting in a council meeting of 13 November 1989

Programme n. 6 of the national health plan "struggle against AIDS" , June 1990

Guidelines for the organisation of training courses for the personnel of infectious disease departments, November 1990

Decree of the president of the republic 14 September 1991 (on the Official Gazzette n.219 of 18 September 1991) Guidelines and coordinating principles for Regions activating home care services for subjects affected by AIDS and other related pathologies

Circular of the ministry of health n. 17, 10 April, 1992 Prevention measures for the transmission of the HIV and other pathogens through the donation of seminal fluid used in human assisted insemination, and of organs, tissues and bone marrow

Decree of the president of the republic of 20 October 1992 (on the Official Gazzette n.249 of 22 October 1992) Guidelines and Coordination Principles for Regions relative to the creation of jobs in hospital day-care facilities

Law n.222 of 14 July 1993 (On Official Gazzette n.163 of 14 July 1993) Text of Decree Law n.139 of 14 May 1993, coordinated by Conversion Law n.222 of 14 July 1993 containing: "Emergency Provisions Relative to the Treatment of HIV-infected Subjects and of Drug-Addicts"

Decree of the president of the republic, 7 April, 1994 (on Official Gazzette n.93 of 22 April 1994) Approval of the Targeted Project "AIDS 1994-1996"

Circular of the ministry of health  n.9 29 April, 1994, (on the Official Gazette of 13 May 1994 n.110) Review of the case definition of AIDS in the light of epidemiological monitoring

Circular of the ministry of health, n.18 23 December, 1996 (on the Official Gazette 8 January 1997, n.5) Guidelines for the adoption of HIV infection antiretroviral therapy principles addressed to hospital and university infectious disease operating units as well as to other operating units prevalently involved in providing care to AIDS patients in compliance with Regional Plans

Interministerial decree of 25 May, 1993 (on the Official Gazzette n.130 of 5 June 1993) Definition of the status of incompatibility with the conditions of prison detention for HIV-infected subjects

Circular of the ministry of health n.8 of 22 June, 1998 An update of the guidelines for the treatment of the HIV infection


The HIV Infection in the Health Legislation of WHO Member Countries, by Carlo Vetere