23th year: 2000 no 1 (selection of the articles in English )

Editorial, by the Editor-in-Chief


[Abstract] An evaluation of the awareness of new and traditional drugs among a group of high school students in Naples by Wanda Candida, Maria Buongiovanni, Maurizio Cardone, Alessandro Limardi, Salvatore Del Tufo  [Abstract]

[Abstract] A representation of ecstasy users: results of an empirical research by Roberta Milanese, Lucia Zanellato, Massimiliano Pastore, Sabrina Melosi

[Abstract] Neuropsychological performance in opiate users undergoing methadone treatment by F. Starace, C. Baldassarre, L. Bartoli, V. Biancolilli, M. Fea, G. Serpelloni, R. Sperandeo, M. Maj

Psychiatric comorbidity symptoms during heroin addiction treatment by L. Daini, I. Maremmani

Alcohol, drugs of abuse and driving: a proposal for the implementation of Art 187 of the Italian Highway Code, by C. Furnari, G. Pioda, V. Ottaviano, S. Tinti

[Abstract] Psychiatric co-morbidity during treatment of heroin dependence by Laura Daini, Icro Maremmani

[Abstract] Defense mechanisms: variables for the recovery process by F. Furnari, A. Palazzo, F. Sambataro

[Abstract] Image of the family in the drug abuser following a residential rehabilitation programme by Alessandro Checcucci, Marta Checcucci, Leonia Scotti, Francesco Velicogna

[Abstract] The "crisis" and the First Aid Reception Centre by Donatella Paffi

[Abstract] Training curriculum on drug addiction by Cesare Di Carlo, Gabriella Sacchetti, Donato Di Pietropaolo, Paola Fasciani, Milena Zanchini, Mario Russo

[Abstract] The administration of the Coping Inventory on subjects affected by Alcohol Dependence Disorders by Lucia Coco

[Abstract] The opinions of general practitioners on alcohol related problems. The Drink Less Project: a World Health Organization study by Stefania Polvani, Gloriana Bartoli, Valentino Patussi, Umberto Bartoli, Franco Marcomini, Emanuele Scafato

The Opinion of general practitioners on the prevention of alcohol-related problems: The Drink Less Project - A World Health Organization Study, by S. Polvani, G. Bartoli, V. Patussi, U. Bartoli, F. Marcomini, E. Scafato


Cannabis dependence: does it exist?
The therapeutic use of hallucinogens