The Journal   

The Journal on Drug Addiction and Alcoholism, a quarterly bulletin of the Ministry of Health, provides the most important updated information available at the international and national levels on the prevention, care and rehabilitation of drug addicts.

It is published in collaboration with UNICRI and its paper edition is distributed on a free subscription basis to some 6,000 addressees, including public drug addiction units, therapeutic communities, universities, hospitals, specialized libraries, penal institutions, prefectures and police headquarters, ministries, courts, and even the Committees of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

Special editions of the Bulletin are also published and distributed during special events such as the World AIDS Day, or the National Conference on Drugs and Drug Addiction. It is also distributed during international meetings and seminars in which UNICRI participates.

The Bulletin on Drug Addiction and Alcoholism has had its own web address and home page on the Internet since 1997.

The on-line international English language edition of the Bulletin also started to appear on the Internet in 1998, starting with Volume 3/98, and contains the English translation of those articles printed in the Italian version of the Bulletin that are most important or interesting for the international community. The on-line editions of the Bulletin have increased its visibility worldwide, and has also made it possible – even for those that are not subscribed to the paper edition - to consult and compare the various volumes of the journal. All this will favor its wider diffusion.