25-26 Gennaio 2005, Families, carers & Drugs - Living with someone else's drug use (A joint conference from DrugScope & Adfam), Loughborough, UK

21-22 Febbraio 2005, 2005 National Drug Treatment Conference, Londra, UK

21-23 Febbraio 2005, 5th International Conference on Early Toxicity Screening: Strategies and Approaches for Toxicity Screening in Drug Discovery and Development, San Diego, CA, USA

23-25 Febbraio 2005, 2005 International Conference on Impact of Membrane Transporters in Drug Discovery & Development, San Diego, CA, USA 

24-26 Febbraio 2005, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder National Conference - Equality of Access: Rights and the Right Thing to Do, Victoria, BC, Canada

20-24 Marzo 2005, International Harm Reduction Conference, Belfast, Irlanda 

Maggio 2005, 10th European Conference on Rehabilitation and Drug Policy, Creta, Grecia

4-6 Maggio 2005, 2005 National Conference on Tobacco or Health - Chicago, IL, USA

13-17 Giugno 2005, 8th International Conference on Drug-Drug Interactions: New Technologies, Clinical Approaches, Prediction and Mechanisms for the Evaluation of Drug-Drug Interactions, Seattle, WA, USA

29 Agosto - 2 Settembre 2005, 43rd International TIAFT Meeting, Seoul, Korea

3-5 Novembre 2005, The Hope 2005 International Conference on Alcohol/ Drug Abuse & HIV/AIDS, Mumbai, India