R. Villé, U. Zvekic & J. F. Klaus (eds.) Promoting probation internationally. UNICRI publication No 58. Rome 1998.

Table of Contents


Editors' notes


Opening and introductory statements

Key note addresses

International trends in non-custodial sanctions
Ugljesa Zvekic

Developments in probation: an international perspective
Robert Harris

Knowledge transfer and its mismanagement:
the 'what works' for administration and leaders
Jon F. Klaus

Session one

What works in corrections? A blueprint for action
Larry L. Motiuk

Working group reports on

Session two

Developing a probation capability: assessment, monitoring, evaluation and training
Michael Hough

Working group reports on

Session three

Probation as a community-based programme
Joseph K. Gitau

Working group reports on

Session four

Leadership in the management of the criminal justice system
Don Demers

Working group reports on

Session five

The draft Handbook on Probation Services: Guidelines for Probation Practitioners and Managers
Renaud Villé

European standards in the area of community sanctions and measures
Wolfgang Rau

The Permanent European Conference on Probation and Aftercare (CEP)
Peter Gründler

Closing statement

Charles Mangion (Minister of Justice of Malta)

General report

International co-operation in probation
Robert Harris

Technical co-operation needs